ARA SANAT TEB Asi Medical Equipment

ARA SANAT TEB Asia is a company of medical equipment that has been stablished in 2003. Commercial department of factory, very soon by creativity and considering the target market; recognized the real needs of customers and markets.

In order to be the first and reference brand, company has been started to produce the high quality and newest medical productions. In 2006 ARA SANATA by importing DC motors for beauty beds to IRAN has been caused a huge innovation and revolution in beauty and medical industry… ARASANAT group by participating in different foreign health exhibitions, has done its best to offer high quality, new face and reasonable price product to market.

Variety of productions (different kinds of medical and surgery beds, taborah, lights, etc.) has been changed ARASANAT to the first and best brand of medical equipment, and such a reputie causes huge export to UAE, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, …Aims of ARA SANAT TEB ASIA:

1. being the biggest producer of medical equipment 2. creating self-sufficiency to meet the country needs for imports 3. gaine customer satisfaction 4. bringing new technology and revolution in the medical and beauty industry 5. having a greater share in employing Iranian workers in the direction of entrepreneurship 6. contributing to economic prosperity 7. competing with famous foreign brands Success factors of ARA SANAT medical equipment company 1. customer orientation 2. using of super high quality raw materials 3. innovation and using of latest technology 4. powerful marketing and identifying customers preferences 5. variety of products 6. design and producing new product as same as European ones

ARA SANAT production line: A full automatic production line of variety electrical hair transplantation beds, beauty and skin, surgery and examination beds, laboratory sampling chairs eyelid surgery, ophthalmological chair, implant beds, electrical and mechanical laser beds massage bed, trolley and surgery tables, surgery lights, ENT examination, dialysis, blood transfusion and chemotherapy beds has been offered to market by ARA SANAT and company tries to differentiate itself from similar Iranian products in order to compete with European and American ones. Warranty Our after-sale service department by using skilled technicians is at customer’s service to have acceptable responds to the expectation and needs of our customers as soon as possible. Our motto: Look good, think better and select the best one.