The visit of the mayor and the city council and the president and vice president of the medical equipment union at Arasanat booth

The exhibition booth of Arasanat Teb Asia Company once again had the honor of hosting provincial and national officials.

In the first exhibition of medical equipment and science-based Islamshahr, which is being held at the 9th of Day Hall of Islamshahr city, from March 2 to 4, 2023, Arasanat booth, which is the focus of special and general visitors, hosted several provincial and national officials.

The mayor and respected members of the city council and the president and vice president of the Medical Equipment Union visited the Arasanat booth and the latest products and innovations of the Arasanat company.

Mr. Seyyed Akbar Avakh, the respected managing director of Arasanat company, who personally hosted the visitors during the exhibition, introduced the latest products of Arasanat.

Arasanat Teb Asia Company is considered as the first producer of medical equipment and electric beauty beds in the country, and in this exhibition, it has hosted a large number of people interested in the field of medical equipment.

Types of hair transplant beds, skin and beauty chairs and other types of electric beds produced by Arasanat are open to the public in this exhibition.

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