Arasanat Avakh is the holder of a production license from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment

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The first manufacturer of medical equipment in Iran

Arasanat Avakh started its activity in 2004 with the design, engineering and production of medical and beauty equipment in the country, and with the capable hands of Iranian engineers, it has used the most up-to-date technology in the world in the manufacture of medical and beauty equipment.
The use of high-quality raw materials, approvals and licenses of the General Department of Medical Equipment of the country, as well as customer satisfaction over the years, promise that we have been able to bring a good experience to our customers.

electrical and mechanical beauty and skin chair

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Arasanat news

Company Arasanat Avakh, since 2001 with the production and supply of high quality medical equipment such as Electric chair, Hair transplant surgery bed, Skin and beauty chair, ENT examination chair, Trolley and medicine cabinet, Medical jack stool, Electric bed for patients and the elderly, Implant and dental surgery bed, Mechanical examination bed, Women gynecology bed, slimming examination and laser electric bed, dialysis and blood transfusion and chemotherapy bed, laboratory blood drawing electic chair, medical lamp, etc. have made their name known in the medical community.
Arasanat is approved by the Medical Equipment Administration and has a license to manufacture medical equipment. As a prominent Iranian manufacturer, it has been able to meet the needs of the medical community in neighboring countries by exporting its products, in addition to the Iranian market. The export of medical equipment manufactured by Arasanat to the UAE, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc. shows the quality of the medical equipment products of Arasanat Avakh at the global level.